How to Shop Avon Online

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on November 26, 2017

How to Shop Avon Online

More and more of my customers like to shop online and have items delivered to their work or office.  Avon makes it convenient to shop online and still have an Avon representative.  This short video explains step by step how to order from the current catalog, how to backorder from previous brochures and how to search for specific items.

 Learn how to shop Avon online with this educational video tutorial

It is important to shop from the current Avon brochure, but it is also nice to be able to shop the previous two Avon campaign brochures in order to get the best prices on the desired Avon products. It is possible to shop Avon by the campaign, by product number, by search or by category. Enjoy shopping for your favorite Avon Products at home with this video tutorial. This educational video walks you through each step so that you can confidently shop from home.

Let me, Krystal Simpson be your Avon Representative When you Shop Online

Buy Avon online and have your beauty items delivered directly to your home or office. Inside the Avon brochures, you will find numerous items including winter and holiday items, fragrances, fashion, jewelry, makeup, lipstick, lip balm, hair care, skincare, shoes, eyeshadow, gifts, candles, skin so soft, collectibles and lotion.  There is something for everyone in each catalog.

View the most current Avon Brochure to  Shop Avon Online

Shop all of the Avon brochures, flyers, Mark, and the current outlet catalogs online at 

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